Great Duck Island Sunset

About the Island

Great Duck Island is a blend of pointed fir forests, seaside meadows, wildflower and moss gardens, surrounded by popplestone beaches, granite cliffs and hedges of wild roses. It is the nesting habitat for a large number of birds, including bald eagles, guillemots, eider ducks, petrels and seagulls. There are also a large number of hares on the island which are often seen scurrying about.

The island is a perfect place for couples or families seeking solitude and an intimate experience of nature. Naturalists, hikers, meditators, writers, photographers, painters and those wanting to pause, breathe, and live deliberately without the distractions of modern life will love this place. The beauty of this magical place: the sparkling ocean, the crashing waves, the glorious sunrises and sunsets and the romantic mountain views will nourish and restore your soul.

Our house sits on the northeast point of the island, jutting into the ocean and is surrounded by water on three sides. It is so close to the ocean that from inside the house you can see waves crashing and seals swimming along the shore. Occasionally, you will see tall ships, porpoises and whales at a distance. There are extraordinary views from every window–open ocean glistening in the morning light to the east, neighboring islands to the west, and to the north there are beautiful views of the only mountains on the Atlantic coast of North America. Both sunsets and sunrises can be seen from inside the house, sunrises while you are lying in bed. At night, you can see four lighthouses along the coast, lovely moonrises over the ocean, and occasionally the Northern Lights.